Peak of Our Transitions

BY JAROD STURYCZ – The Abstract Section

In the winding weeks of April and May, we all want a lot.

Yes, Mr. Shimon, I used ‘a lot’. But there is a reason I used ‘a lot’. Because

Here I walk between the lines of wanting more and wanting to seek more

– different contexts of ‘a lot’ – as we reach the peak of our transitions into the adult(?) world.

I cannot say that every person who has experienced the transition has yet to regain their footing.

Unfortunately. No,

I am sure of nothing, but able to prepare an answer to any question.

But breathing helps, I hear, to ease stress for at least a few moments at a time.

If you know the path you are on: good. If you know you should be finding one: good.

You who have not yet decided on searching for a path: think about why? Not much guilt in that.

There is shame in all things. You’ll see it and the other person will feel it;

Seeing and feeling are closely related. They are as indistinguishable as the Superego and the Id.


This last week has really worn me out. Watch for my next contact.

Uncle Jay.