Piercings Without Permission


To pierce or not to pierce. Many people in high school find themselves with the decision of asking their parents to get piercings or just getting piercings without permission. In high school many people are very close to being adults and want to make adult decisions on their own, such as getting piercings. Although they are very close to being able to legally making the decision on their own, some parents say no to new piercings.

Kate Brown says, “I’m getting my nose pierced either now or when I turn 18 so they may as well just say yes now,” as she is convinced that her parents should let her get her nose pierced now because she is going to get it when she turns 18 anyways. Another option Brown says she has is to get her nose pierced illegally now and suffer the consequences from her parents. The predicament of high school students: to get piercings or not.