Pizza Thursday


The Tremper Trend that happens every Thursday, known as Pizza Thursday to students in staff, has been a classic lunch special since forever. In past years, the lines for Pizza Thursday were booming. So extremely popular, you could leave as soon as the bell rings, sprint to the pizza line and still somehow end up last in line. Although Pizza Thursday requires a pretty expensive price at two dollars for just one slice, students and staff still scrounge the Tremper cafeteria for a slice, at least in the past they did.

This year, however, there was a noticeable decline in Pizza Thursday’s customers compared to past years. What was once a 10 minute wait for pizza is now almost barely a wait at all. Some students last year would wait and wait for their slice, only to find out the pizza was gone before they even got to the front of the line. Now, there are immense leftovers, and even C lunch can get the pizza before it’s gone. Hopefully Pizza Thursday will pick up in popularity once again to carry on the tradition and bring clubs at Tremper to a profit, not a deficit.