Quality of Education


As we look at society, it becomes clear that we have unequal opportunities when looking at the spectrum of education. Children are born into families and situations without any choices in the matter. According to John Kraushaar, “ in most poor city neighborhoods, students are locked into failing schools, with few options for parents to turn to.” It is far too common to see children who start to struggle and fail in school simply because they did not have the resources and support found in other schools.

There was a survey taken by Tribune News Service inorder to find out how people view K-12 education systems in the U.S. In the survey, it was concluded that our public school systems, which are the only school program available to the majority of our nation, are the least successful in adequate preparing students for further education and careers. The Tribune News Service survey came to the conclusion that the majority of people surveyed believed that private educations and religious affiliated education systems prepare children for their future in a better way.

With this said, if public schools are not sufficiently education of children, why don’t we fix it? Once we decide to value our education, we will be able to watch students become more successful as they continue through college and start careers.