School Rivalries


High school is a time for people to show school spirit with competitiveness in sports. With there being two or more schools people are bound to not like each other because of where the school boundaries end. Before 2006 people would show this competitiveness in person with fights or yelling matches. Now that the internet is popular and almost everyone is on it, people take their aggression and rivalries online.

Twitter is an app where you can tweet anything that’s on your mind in 280 characters or less. Teens have been known to fight over Twitter. This is formally called “Twitter Beef” and is a great outlet to call out other schools. With the beginning of the basketball season in full swing, the season opener is a cross town rivalry. Tremper being an inspirational high spirited school, made a music video showcasing the talents of our team this year. People from other schools get angry and claim that their school is better and bring up past events. Even high school alumni from the other schools go online and attack our great school because they are, unfortunately, unable to figuratively “Close the yearbook” or forget about the past and not let it affect. In the end the game has no benefits besides bragging rights between the students, but we will see what happens tonight at the boys’ basketball game.