Self Esteem


Many young people have low self esteem for many reasons. Some reasons are getting bad grades at school, messing up at work, wearing an outfit that is uncomfortable, or even feeling the need to fit in with the standards of beauty.

Society has made standards on what makes a person beautiful. Every standard is always based on outward appearance. This shows that society sees the outside appearance way more important than what is on the inside. Young women feel the need to be skinny, have perfect brows, perfect skin, perfect everything. It is so hard for young women to realize that they do not need to be all around perfect to be considered beautiful. Models and celebrities try to break down the stereotype on being perfect, but they do not understand what young women are going through. Girls get bullied or they are trying to impress someone they like, or they just do not like how they look. Most of the times girls are not striving to be perfect for other people, but mostly for themselves.

Society, in general, needs to boost young women’s self esteem by showing that it is perfectly okay to not be skinny, have perfect brows, or perfect skin. It is okay to have a pimple, it is okay to want to eat tons of food and not worry about working out, it is okay to be yourself. Young women should not succumb to society’s wished on beauty. Everyone is born beautiful inside and out. People need to look in the heart for beauty instead of the outer looks.