Senior Assassin


One down, thirty four to go. Immediately following the Tremper’s 2018 annual Prom, the new game known as Senior Assassin has begun. The game consists of 35 of Tremper’s Senior students who were eager to participate in the game. How it works is each student wanting to participates pays a total of $2 to play. The gamemakers, Eleni Buss and Nathan Stanczak, assign each of the participants a target secretly. After receiving a target, the participants have a week to shoot their target with one of the following weapons: a water gun, water balloons, hoses, or buckets of water. Participants are only able to avoid their assassinators by wearing the following protection: a floaty, goggles, or life vest. All protection must be visible, goggles must be worn on the eyes, and floaties must be worn around the arms, legs, or waist. Other options for participants to avoid their assassinator is to be in one of the “off-limit” zones. These zones include the following: on school campus grounds, at school related sports or activities such as Prom, Graduation, Senior Banquet, at their workplace, inside their own house, inside a motor vehicle which is turned on, or at places of worship. Other than these simple rules the game is all up to the participants. May the best assassin win!