Should College Athletes Get Paid?


In 2011 CBS and NCAA combined together to televise an event called March Madness where 64 collegiate Division 1 basketball play in a tournament. Since the two emerged in 2011, March Madness has made the two over 10 billion dollars. Not only is this number shocking due to it being in the millions, but the college basketball don’t get a single penny of this billion dollars. NCAA is an abbreviation for National Collegiate Athletic Association in the United States.

The NCAA has been around since 1910 and have 1,000 universities and colleges between the three divisions over its 100 years. NCAA made a one billion dollar revenue this year alone and 900 million dollars in cap space. With 900 million dollars in cap space you could potentially pay certain college athletes but not all of them because there are over 420,000 students athletes. There is no way you can pay all athletes equally, and if you could the payment would be under 180 dollars for the the season that athletes sport.

Most students attend college to major in a subject about which they are passionate,  but for some, that is not the case.  Some students attend college to play a sport and go to college for one year to move on to be a professional athlete. This begs the question, should college athletes receive a salary? College athletes should not be paid since there is not a way to pay them all, and if they do find a way it’d have to be less than minimum wage.