Student Partnership


Student Partnership has been one of the greatest experiences in my high school career. This gave me a chance to get out into the community and spend time with students at another school. I took student partnership both semesters of my senior year. I chose to do partnership with Mrs Tenuta’s third grade class at Whittier. This was such a fun experience.

I have gone everyday that I could from the first week of school. The days I spent at Whittier Elementary have allowed me to build relationships and friendship with the kids. It is such a great feeling to know that you are making a difference in kids lives. I had a lot of opportunities to help teach the students throughout the last months. Some of my favorite times were the holidays. Mrs. Tenuta would always ask me to put together the gift bags that the students would receive.

Mrs. Tenuta’s class also has three special education students which created new challenge and opportunities in the classroom. I find that often times I have been asked to sit with and work with the students that need a little for attention in the classroom. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have got to be a part of due to the special education program in the KUSD elementary system. With this system, they have regular education and special education students in the same classroom. This is beneficial for both types of students because they learn how to interact and learn with people who are different than themselves. I really enjoyed my time at Whittier working with these students. I hope that they will also allow for students to participate in student partnership and continue to get out into the community to help younger KUSD students thrive in the classroom.