Taylor Swift Top Five


In honor of going to see Taylor Swift perform in Minneapolis in less than three months, I have decided to compile my top five favorite Taylor Swift songs. Many will disagree with this list, but those people are wrong.

Top Five Favorite Songs:

  1. Haunted. This song comes from my favorite album of hers. The song starts out with an intense beat that carries throughout the whole song. Swift’s vocals add passion to the song creating an amazing song to sing.
  2. Better Than Revenge. This one is unlike any other song on the Speak Now album. It is super catchy with its sassy lyrics and it definitely showed a totally different side of Taylor that had not been seen before.
  3. Speak Now. This song is the title of her third album that was released in 2010. This song is a light, upbeat song that features elements of humor as she criticizes the bride and her family as she plots to destroy the wedding.   
  4. The Moment I Knew. This was one of the three bonus songs that were released with her Red album. She discusses a sad real moment in her life when her boyfriend, at the time, stood her up at her own birthday party. The deep lyrics allow the listener to feel Swift’s pain.
  5. White Horse. This song is one of Swift’s oldest singles as it was released on her Fearless album. The lyrics represent a reality check that Swift faces when she loses someone that she really cared but realized that she can do better.