The Countdown Begins


Away go the trips to Jerry Smith’s, the jack o’lanterns, and the colorful leaves. After celebrating Thanksgiving, many people start to get into the holiday spirit with Christmas just on the horizon. Traditions such as sledding, trips to Chicago, and tree decorating come into full swing. Not only is Christmas known for the long winter break it gives its students, but also for the immense amount of spirit it brings to almost everyone.

Once December rolls around, Christmas songs such as Deck the Halls, Baby It’s Cold Outside, and All I want for Christmas is You are classics you know you will hear on the radio, at school, in stores, or anywhere and everywhere to help lead the Christmas countdown. Another classic Christmas tradition is cozying up to the fire with friends and family to watch Christmas movies such as Elf, Rudolph, and Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Students are excited for our long two week break to carry on their traditions with some time off school as it is only weeks away!