The End is Near!


The 2018 school year has run its course at last, leaving us all wiser, kinder, and more sentimental (hopefully). Seniors, myself included, will finally leave these possibly-asbestos-filled halls for the last time on May 30th, off to the rest of our lives in our respective colleges or careers. However, no matter your experience at Tremper High School, be it positive or negative, you almost definitely have something to complain about. With that in mind, it is my pleasure to formally announce “The Roast of Tremper High School”, the final article I will publish for the Tempest before graduating.

This is no ordinary roast. Instead of a single presenter, I will collect the best quotes from students at Tremper that describe their grievances with the school, its students, or its faculty. I ask several restrictions be observed in the quotes:

  • Nothing excessively mean should be recommended.
  • Respect the anonymity of others- all names must be changed if the roast is about a person.
  • No repeats of similar complaints will be accepted.
  • I have discretion over which quotes are used.
  • Be constructive! Remember that your complaints never get resolved without a solution.
  • Both serious and satirical grievances are accepted.
  • I will respect anonymity if an adequately funny name is used to replace the real identity.
  • Be FUNNY. Seriously, it will make my job easier if I have good source material.


REMINDER: I will only do this thing if I get enough submissions, so spread the word!

In order to keep this easy, please email or DM me your responses at or @jahonelynch on twitter.