The Greatest Peril of Living in Wisconsin


The feared “s” word: snow. We, living in Wisconsin, are often told, “This is what you get for choosing to live in this state.” But what makes this white cold substance so unappealing? Maybe it’s the fact that with snow comes the sub 32 degree temperatures. Maybe it’s the great increase of traffic and road collisions. Whatever it is, the fun of snow becomes diminished with every trouble we have to endure here in Wisconsin.

So, how do we survive these bitter winter months? Dress as warm as possible, drive as safe as possible, and focus on the most positive thing about this season: Christmas!! What else can us Wisconsinites get to look forward this season? In the midst of bitter temperatures, slushy sidewalks, and icy windshields we can remember, or experience, the love we all had for unexpected snow days. Children in states like California and Florida do not receive the Christmas joy that comes with seeing the words “School is Cancelled” on the morning news.