The Last Article


It is finally happening, our last article. We are on the last article in Journalism here at Tremper and we have never felt better. Throughout the past school year, the class has written many articles on many topics. In Journalism the class’s duty is to write an article every week about any topic they wish to write about. The class writes about topics such as current events, product reviews, and sports events. The fun part about getting to choose your own topic that you can write about things you care about, so it is not dreadful to write the article.

While taking journalism, the class has learned many writing and grammar skills, these skills are taught to the class by the amazing teacher Ms. Steinbrink, these skills also will help the class with everyday writing, in the future. Zoee Arreguin, a junior who takes Journalism says, “Journalism is a great class and is a great way to express yourself through writing.” Journalism is the class to take if you need a relaxing learning environment. I encourage everyone to take Journalism with Ms. Steinbrink; it is a great class to learn writing skills and to be creative.