The Negative Effects of Cell Phone Usage


Although cell phones allow parents to keep in contact with their children to guarantee their safety, they can also generate dangerous behavior. According to The National Safety Council, “Cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.” Many teenagers report that texting and driving is worth the risk as they have a desire for social acceptance. Talking on the phone without a bluetooth device is now against the law in fourteen states, and texting while driving is now against the law in forty-six states. Getting pulled over and receiving a ticket is not worth the risk as these are serious consequences.

In addition, sleep deprivation can result due to the overuse of cellular devices as using cellular devices at night can interfere with sleep habits. The light released from the cellular device holds back the production of melatonin, resulting in circadian rhythm disruption. This allows the user of the phone to have a difficult time falling asleep and waking up. Phone use can lead to not only sleep deprivation, but obesity and anxiety as well. Inappropriate activities, such as cyberbullying, may also stem from the use of cellular devices. These actions and activities may lead phone users, on the receiving end, to feel down on themselves.