The Spot vs Big Star


A lot of people in the Kenosha area love to indulge in a nice cheeseburger from one of Kenosha’s many drive-in diners, but what they love even more is to argue over which diner they enjoy more. There are multiple different diners but the two that seem to have the biggest lasting impact on their customers are The Spot and Big Star. One outstanding difference between the two is that The Spot is open all year long, but Big Star is only open from March 1st until Labor Day. Because Big Star is only open during the warm season, it brings in many customers because they know that they only have a short period of time when they can get it.

In terms of pricing, The Spot tends to be relatively more expensive than Big Star which is a very important factor to take into consideration when deciding which one to eat at. When asked which one she prefered, senior Isabelle Molina had to say, “I prefer The Spot because it is the OG [original gangster]. Like I feel like Big Star is just a knock off.” Although many other customers may share the same opinion as Isabelle, Big Star continues to flourish because of the minimal time that they are open during the summer and their hyped up food.