The Ultimate Test


Some people say high school is hell; others say the opposite. Some say it is where you get to know who your true friends are; others find the experience to be more eye-opening about themselves.  But what we can all agree on is that these four short years can be summed up into one word: test. No, I’m not talking about your geometry and calculus finals and English essays that have you ready to pull your hair out (although this is a very good reminder to stay on top of those). What I mean to say is that what happens here will more or less stay with you for the rest of your life. Whether you aim for prom king/queen or student government president or being the top athletekudos to all of youyour choices here will shape you and prepare you for what is in store out there.

Please don’t mistake this for yet another lecture about bettering yourself; it is far from that.

As a senior, these past four years have been more or less crazy. From AP classes and finals, to problems at home and within myselflife as a teenager can be difficult, some more than others. You lose people close to you, you dissect the habits of those you call friends and choose between better or worse; you struggle with the war inside you to choose being who you are or being the person they expect you to be; you find that the world isn’t in black and white and it never will be. Some of us sag with the loss of loved ones and fight to carry on when it all seems hopeless, others take for granted the ones they do have. This time of year especially is difficult for everyone. Will you find the right present, will your family pull it together for just one day, will you be warm enough. Life is hard without the pressures of high school breaking us down, but it can get easier if you’re willing to try.

Christmastime is meant to be a holiday of family and love and joy. Who cares if you can’t find the right present for that “special” someone if they truly are special, they would understand that just being with you is more than enough.

As we bounce on our toes for the highly-anticipated winter break this coming week, it is important that we take a look around and see not what we want, but what we need inside and out of the halls of Tremper High. Do you need that friend who loves to stick you slap in the middle of drama? Do you need to fight for your boy/girlfriend’s attention even though you know you should have it? Do you need to throw a punch over something you are highly unlikely to remember ten years from now?

High school is neither hell nor heaven. It is the one place with its own objective atmosphere. What you make of it is what is what it becomes. Teachers will test your intelligence, friends will test your resilience, and family will test your strength. How you fail or pass is up to you.