True Life: Descendant Of Immigrants


Growing up being a descendant of an immigrant, you always have that fear of not feeling secure/having something happen to your family. Most people look down upon people crossing the border to come here, but what they fail to realize is that they come here for a better life, to give their kids better. My mother immigrated here from El Salvador, passing through Guatemala just to get to the Mexico border. It took her two months to get here. She came here so she can give my two brothers a better life. Especially my disabled brother Leonel, who had cerebral palsey. He needed the doctors and care in America because they wouldn’t be able to help him much in El Salvador. My brothers lived with my Grandma for years until my mother had finally got her citizenship. Nobody goes through that much for nothing, they do it to better their future and create a life for their children that they never had. Most of America is run by immigrants too when it comes to working and jobs. I always try and be protective of my mom because I know what people are thinking when they look at her and know they don’t know much English, the feeling of needing to protect your parents at a young age causes you to grow up.