Volcanic Eruption


In Kilauea, Hawaii, a massive volcano erupted. Authorities have been telling tourists and sightseers to avoid the Leilani Estates neighborhood because tons of lava has been spitting up onto the street through the cracks in the ground.

This all started when Kilauea volcano erupted Thursday, spewing molten rock and high levels of sulfur dioxide. After the eruption, the island received a 6.9 earthquake. This brought damage to homes along with the damage from the volcano. And in the air, noxious fumes from the volcano are what some officials say could be the greatest threat to public health in the wake of its eruption.The earthquakes also causes the rare closure of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park after they damaged some of the park’s trails, craters and roads. The first earthquake triggered a cliff to collapse into the ocean.

Sad to see such a beautiful paradise be covered by and destroyed by such a dark and damaging substance. One of the many consequences habitants of any island have to suffer.