Waffle House Shooting


Throughout 2018 we have seen more than 65 mass shootings. Mass shootings are the killing of three or more people in a public place. Most recently a shooting took place at a Waffle House near Nashville, Tennessee. The suspect, Travis Reinking, approached the Waffle House at around 3:25 AM with what witnesses said to be an assault rifle. He then shot a Waffle House worker and another customer outside of the restaurant. He then went inside and shot two other customers. The shooting stop after a a man, James Shaw Jr., wrestled the gun from Reinking’s hands.

Reinking has a criminal background, including trespassing near the White House. He was then charged with unlawful entry, but after doing community service, the charges were dropped. Later, the FBI interviewed him and eventually seized his guns. The guns were returned to his father, who then gave them back to Reinking. Reinking is now charged with four accounts of homicide. His father’s fate has yet to be determined.

In reaction, representatives from Illinois are trying to pass a bill that allows for a relative or friend to report someone unstable and request for their guns to be taken away. They are also revising it so that the guns can not be given to a close friend or family member, but must be seized by law enforcement. After six months, law officials will evaluate them and determine if they are stable enough to have their guns returned.