Walk On Water


Eminem has put out a new single called Walk on Water. The single hasĀ  a very special artist featured: Beyonce. No one expected this particular duo to ever make a song together, so the internet lost it when they saw these two legendary artists come together for a song. There were mixed reactions from people when they first heard the song. It was very different, nothing that Eminem has ever done before, it was slow and calm.

When first hearing this many people, and myself, were kind of confused because this is not the Eminem we are used to. People did not know what to think of the song when first hearing it. Then people actually paid attention to the lyrics and what he was saying and people eventually started loving it. Eminem was talking about the pressure and very high expectations people and himself put on him. People look to him as a god and someone immortal, but he wants everyone to know he is only human and he makes mistakes.

He tells people about the pressure he and everyone else puts on him to make a good song. He tells everyone how hard he works on his song andĀ  how people expect the lyrics to be good and the delivery of it flawless. Then when he thinks he has a good song, he listens to it and picks it apart and thinks of it as garbage. He tries to make his song perfect. He tries to please everyone but he can’t because there will be people who talk down on him and make him look like a bad artist. He doesn’t want people to look to him as a god. He wants everyone to know he’s not always going to do good and he wants them to know the pressure everyone puts on him.

He seemed kind of sad because he knows he tries to do good but to him he doesn’t think he’s doing good he thinks he’s doing the opposite. After reading and understanding the lyrics fans sent him messages and left comments on his posts saying how proud they all are of him, some people thanked him for being such a help to them in the times they were down, and others said how much of a big impact he had on some of their lives. Just with this one song Eminem and Beyonce had people open their eyes and realize that having a famous life is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be.