Who Knew Redheads Were So Special?


Although people joke around with redheads about having red hair, there are actually several benefits to having red hair in which many people are unaware of. According to scientists, redheads age better than brunettes, blondes, etc. This is because redheads obtain the same gene as the gene that is responsible for keeping people look young. This gene that redheads posses is a variation of the MCIR gene which allows redheads to look two years younger than they actually are. Redheads are also not as likely to get sick as their counterparts as they produce their own Vitamin D. This is due to the fact that redheads cannot absorb Vitamin D because of severely low concentrations of eumelanin in their body. Because of the genetic subgroups in which are found in redheads, redheads can tolerate more pain as these subgroups affect the way the brain handles pain. This pain that redheads tolerate can vary from skin pain to the consumption of spicy foods. Only 2% of the entire world population owns red hair which allows redheads to excel as one of the rarest minorities in the world. This is because red hair is a recessive trait. Recessive traits can appear in a person’s genes without making an appearance in that person.