One of the most fun filled classes you can take at Tremper High School is Yearbook class. Yearbook is a class that you literally make the yearbook in. While making the yearbook you learn the different parts of the book. The yearbook doesn’t just have pages but it also has a cover, cover pages and gutters, which you will learn what all those are when you take the class. Taking yearbook also teaches you computer skills. The yearbook is created on a website called Wallsworth Yearbook. Wallsworth has editing tools such as clip art, cropping, and word fonts. Using these tools you can create colorful, cropped pictures for the yearbook pages. Mr. Wisnewski, the Yearbook teacher says, “Wallsworth is the best yearbook editing website out there. You can create many different cool formats and spreads for different types of pages.” Yearbook is a great class to take.